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The following are the main requirements you should know to use TaskBlast.

Desktop computer and Operating system:

TaskBlast can run on every desktop computer (for example, Windows or Mac OS), that has installed an Internet browser and Internet access.

It is recommended to use a wide-screen monitor (24 inches for example) to have a better view of the different lanes and sublanes of the Taskboard.

Supported Browsers:

Please note that Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported for TaskBlast.

Email account:

You will need a valid email account to sign up to use TaskBlast, as well to send emails to your project email account on TaskBlast to automatically create Tasks.

Third party services account:

To get the most out of TaskBlast, it is recommended to have registered on some third-party partners with which TaskBlast has interfaces, like:

  • Slack account to integrate its messaging system directly with TaskBlast projects.
  • BitBucket account to integrate commits/checkins with Tasks.

Mobile access not supported yet:

Currently, TaskBlast is not supported on mobile devices like smartphones (for example, iPhone or Android) or tablets (like iPad).

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