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Our Vision

The solutions for current project management often do not meet expectations or are very complex, so we want to offer a sufficiently robust alternative but at the same time friendly and easy to use.

We want to eliminate the greatest possible resistance in the use of project management tools, to give our users, and especially technical staff, a tool with a better user experience and with the least number of clicks possible.

Our customers finally determine our success, so we always keep the lines of communication open, and we also use our products daily to put ourselves in the place of our customers (we use a Kanban board inside TaskBlast to develop it).

About TaskBlast

TaskBlast is a product that has been developed to support collaborative work teams that manage different software projects every day.

TaskBlast was originally designed and developed in Ireland by Paul Moran, and is now developed, supported and improved by Vorealis Software. We share Paul’s initial motivation to develop TaskBlast:

“Having worked as a Project Manager for a Software Company, i struggled to find a solution that was both powerful and simple. I found Trello, Basecamp and similar solutions were too simplistic for the needs of a software team.

However, when I looked at the more feature rich solutions like Atlassian’s Jira, they were way too complex. The less technical people on the team struggled figuring out how to use it and the setup took hours and hours. I just wanted something simple, agile and powerful.

I also felt that along with the lack of simplicity, other solutions didn’t do enough to help me do my job quicker so we also began looking at ways to automate tedious, repetitive and time consuming tasks that project managers and developers have to do on a daily basis.”

About Vorealis Software

Vorealis Software is a Costa Rican company, dedicated to the development of computer systems, mainly for Web, Cloud and Mobile applications. Vorealis has helped other businesses and individuals to see their software solutions come to life since 2004.

Our Team

TaskBlast is conformed by a small team, working with passion and putting all their experience in making TaskBlast a better Project Management tool:


 Víctor Suárez: Product Manager

 Carlos Rodríguez: Web Developer

 Shimul Dey: Web Developer

 Welky Acosta: Quality Assurance

Contact Us

You can also contact us through the following channels (more channels in our Support page):

  • Office: (506) 4035-7138
  • Support: (506) 6221-2313
  • Support USA: (727) 242-2409
  • Support Email: [email protected]
  • Social Networks: please check on page footer

Working Hours

Monday to Friday, 8AM – 5PM (CST / GMT-6)

More info on TaskBlast

You may find more information and reviews about TaskBlast in the following Websites:

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Office Location

We are located at Barrio Escalante, San José, Costa Rica:

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