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    Updated: May 27th, 2020 (Versión en Español) While we are proud of the journey that got TaskBlast to where it is today, and glad on the functionality it has to help Software Projects, the journey for 2020 is even more exciting. We wanted to wet your appetite with what features you can expect to see ...
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    The following is the list of enhancements and fixes that has been included in TaskBlast Web App recently. Please also find them within TaskBlast on What’s New section under Account Settings. Release 1.9 (26/OCT/2019 Current Version) [TBT-535] Taskboard: Subtasks can be sorted within a Task on the Task Editor. [TBT-377] Taskboard: Fixed problem when changing ...
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    Actualizado: Mayo 27, 2020 (English version) A pesar de que estamos orgullosos del viaje que llevó a TaskBlast a donde está hoy, y contentos con la funcionalidad que tiene para ayudar a los Proyectos de Software, el viaje para el 2020 es aún más emocionante. Queríamos mojar su apetito con las características que puede esperar ...
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    Reviewed: May 27th, 2020 In this article we will show you how TaskBlast is used to manage a practical product release. Different projects can have different contexts and those will drive which methodologies and workflow’s suit best. We try not impose any particular methodology or processes on your team, you can decide what works best for ...
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    Updated: May 27th, 2020 Jira and Confluence together is a powerful combination and it is hard to think of a feature they haven’t got. That, however, could also be their downfall. From my own experience and talking to others, many teams often use only 10-20% of the available features and the other 80-90% clutter up ...
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    Updated: September 4th, 2020 In many ways, Trello revolutionized the concept of online collaboration software, with a simple cross-platform system that was easy to learn and use for all kinds of projects. However, by trying to accommodate such a broad range of users, you might feel like it is not tailored to someone who works ...
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