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Updated: September 23rd, 2022

Project Management software has too many different features and functionalities that are designed to help project teams perform better into achieving their goals.

Here is a full comparison of TaskBlast and Nifty project management tools made by DealFuel (this article was originally published on DealFuel.com and is included here with their permission.), and we are including it for your reference here.  Please feel free to leave your comments in the Comments section below.

TaskBlast Vs Nifty Full Review & Comparison 2022

The success or failure of a project is all about finding a great way to collaborate and manage resources. When teams work hard to reach a deadline, it is a job to stay up to date on a project. This is where having good project management software comes in handy. It eliminates unnecessary chaos and reworks. Every software has something different to offer. You must know about project management software, keeping in mind your best interests. To help you pick the right one, we have directly compared two widely used tools – TaskBlast and Nifty. If you want to compare these project management software and choose the most suitable one for your business, read till the very end!

What is Project Management Software?

Project Management Software is a tool used by almost every industry to plan projects, allocate resources, and assign tasksIt helps project managers to have the whole team on the same page [literally]. It is also useful for the team to keep a track of all tasks at hand, schedules, and deadlines. These come in handy for quality management and the exchange of documents between multiple team members within a project. They serve as a common platform for collaborators, teams, stakeholders, and clients to come together. Some examples of popular Project Management Software include – Trello, Jira, Monday, Basecamp, Nifty, and TaskBlast.

Comparing Nifty And TaskBlast

Moving further, let’s compare these project management software against one another.

Nifty and TaskBlast are two cloud-based project management software that helps businesses attain a viable workflow by organizing tasks, establishing team collaboration, task management, and goal creation.

Nifty is a tool to manage tasks, timelines, docs, and goals in one place. It offers various features like flexible board, list, built-in workflow management, and filters for intricate tasks. You can integrate your work and your calendar in a single tab. TaskBlast is an easy-to-use Project Management tool specially created for software teams to help keep projects on track. It benefits small groups or freelancers who need an easy-to-use but the comprehensive interface and occasionally wish to involve their clients or product owners.

Nifty masters task management, timelines, and goal organization in many ways. It is helpful for all kinds of projects but caters mainly to mid and large-sized organizations. However, by trying to accommodate such a broad spectrum of companies in different profiles, you might feel like it is not specifically catering to someone who works within a software team. TaskBlast was created by an experienced Project Manager who was not satisfied with the results and generic treatment of other Project Management software. The versatility and integration that TaskBlast offers will help you to customize and manage projects by involving team members and clients to collaborate and interact successfully. Let’s look at some key features that set TaskBlast apart from Nifty.

A Quick TaskBlast Vs. Nifty Overview

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Nifty has a feature set that is comprehensive and intuitive to use. Great top-down view. An organized task panel with an easy way to add custom fields. Collaboration with the team using real-time messages that can quickly turn into tasks.


Customer support is inconsistent. Slightly tricky to get used to; it also takes some time to load tasks. No notifications for DMs in the software.

Recommended For – Nifty is suitable for most medium-sized businesses to large enterprise organizations.



TaskBlast is easy to use and provides excellent customer support. It has a useful sub-lanes feature. It also has a very promising roadmap ahead. It is also cost-friendly and has a ready-to-use approach.


No backlog management action and hotkeys.

Recommended For – TaskBlast is suitable for most small to medium-sized businesses – specifically software teams.

Comparison of Key Features of These Project Management Software

balancing scale - compare project managament software

Key Features of TaskBlast

  • Unlimited Clients can use it For Free
  • All the features are required for a successful release.
  • A state-of-the-art editor
  • Easy day plan and task view
  • A unique email for each project converts an email to a card.
  • An algorithm that automatically pushes the most important issues to the top.
  • Multiple Assignees
  • Free access for up to 2 users
  • Slack, Github and Bitbucket Integration

Key Features of Nifty

  • Established knowledge hubs and focused collaboration
  • Time Tracking
  • Project home screen customization.
  • Milestones that serve as visual project guides.
  • Organized collaboration hub by consolidating documents & files.
  • A birds-eye view across all your projects & workloads with Overviews.
  • Project Portfolios

Pricing Comparison


Taskblast offers a free version of its software as well as various pricing plans for you to choose from.

  • Free – Free for forever with two teammates and five active projects with all of Taskblast’s core features!
  • Pro Monthly — $8/user/mo (monthly) with Unlimited Projects, 1GB space per user, Kanban module, Overview module, Gantt module, ListView module, and Reports module.
  • Pro Bi-Annual — $5.50/user/mo (semi-annually) includes everything on the pro monthly plan.
  • Pro Annual — $4/user/mo (annually) includes everything on the pro monthly plan.
  • Pro 1 Year – $297/1-year subscription includes everything on the pro monthly plan with 10GB total space and unlimited clients.
  • Lifetime Special Deal on DealFuel – $149/one-time payment for life!


  • Free – free for forever with unlimited teammates and two active projects with all of Nifty’s core features!
  • Starter — $5/user/mo (annually) with custom fields, milestones, task management, and time tracking.
  • Pro — $10/user/mo (annually) includes everything on starter plus automation and cross-project overviews.
  • Business — $16/user/mo (annually) includes everything on pro as well as custom roles + permissions, team workloads, and Microsoft SSO.


The first impression of both software seems to appeal to similar businesses. But when you dive deeper, their features and functions are very different. In this article, we compared the similarities and differences concerning the functionality of tools, their core operational principles, and the pricing points they offer. Depending on your budget, organization size, and ease of use, we saw how Taskblast has the upper hand over Nifty. Nifty, although an excellent Project management software, is not tailored to someone who works within a software team. It is missing some vital agile components procured in Taskblast. Although the add-ons in Nifty are helpful, they often do not integrate well with the flow of the app, giving Taskblast the upper hand!

So if you’re trying to compare these two project management software in-depth, this post will surely benefit you.

Now that you have all the information about these software, you are well equipped to make an informed decision that works best for your team.

Do you use any other project management software? Let us know in the comments below!

This article was originally published on DealFuel.com and is included here with their permission.

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