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Releases View (beta)

The releases view helps manage the release process.

Linking Kanban sublanes to Releases lanes

There are 3 lanes on the default Kanban View:

  • Backlog
  • In Progress
  • Completed

Each of the sublanes within those lanes are linked to the Todo, In Progress and In Testing lanes on the Releases View.

You can also update those links on the Kanban view by clicking on the sublane drop-down and picking the Releases lane you want to link to.

Once a link is created between the Kanban sublane and Releases lane, any tasks moved on the Kanban will automatically be moved on the releases view, ensuring you never have to duplicate your work.

Multiple Projects

One of the big differences between Releases and the Kanban is that Releases can include tasks from multiple projects. This is useful if you have different projects all contributing to one Release. For example you might have the Marketing team working on marketing and promotional material for a Release. You might have another project for the Development process, but both projects would be part of the same Release.

Creating a new Release

To create a new Release, click on the + icon and enter the Version/Release name:

Managing Releases

You can delete, archive and un-archive a Release. Notice archived releases are greyed out and shown at the bottom of the releases section. 

When you archive a Release, it automatically closes all the issues in the Release and archives that Release.

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