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Your first Taskboard

Your first project will have an empty taskboard with only the standard Lanes: Backlog, In Progress, In Testing and Closed Items (shown colapsed in the following picture):

Lanes help you organize your Tasks depending on it’s current state. For example, if you haven’t started the Task yet, you should put it into the Backlog, where all planned Tasks are located until someone picks the Task to start working on it. In Progress Lane are for Tasks that have started but are not finished yet. You should move your Tasks from the Backlog to the In Progress Lane, to tell your team know that you have started the Task. The Lane In Testing, is for Tasks that are under testing or Quality Assurance. Finally, the Closed Items Lane is where you put the Task once it is done (you can also mark it as Completed to send it automatically to the Closed Items Lane).

For some projects these Lanes are enough, however you are free to setup your Project Taskboard as needed. To create a new Lane, just type it’s name at the very right of the Taskboard and press Enter:

To create Sublanes within Lanes, you can press the plus button on top of every Lane title.

You can also move Lanes and Sublanes to change their place and properly match your project management style.

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