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Global Time Tracker Tool

The Global Time Tracker Tool helps you record and report real time spent on a particular task you are about to work on.  Time is tracked by TaskBlast from the moment you start the timer until you pause or submit the timer.

The Global Time Tracker Tool is displayed beside the settings menu on all views within TaskBlast. This gives you quick and easy access to Time Tacker Tool.

To start tracking time, click on the timer drop-down(1). Then choose the project(2) where the task is located. If there is a lot of tasks you can narrow down the task name by typing it in the search bar(3). Once you are ready to track time, click the play button(4) for the selected task.

The task will be displayed in the top bar so its always visible. The timer shows the hours and mins and will update every minute. When you hover over the task name it will also display the 3 icons shown below: Pause, submit time and delete.

When you click submit, it will drop-down a box to make a comment on the task.

The comment will then be displayed in the time tracking section of the task editor when you open that task. Note this view shows all time tracked on the issue for all users not just the logged in user.

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