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TaskBlast offer you a settings options for make changes when you want. We give three options to make changes. 

One of them is your account options here you can change you photo profile, personal information and your settings as user  

Account Options 

This is the first station of the trip.  Your personal information is very important for your company and teammates because they need to know how call you and how many task are you done. this is screen of this section  

Here you can in the higher part four fields you can change the information and update also you can change or add a profile photo down of the personal info section we can found the user section there you will see your principals performance.  Finally, we have the projects section in this place you can reset or skip notifications about the project. 

If anything is ready here you can press update settings option and you can continue working in the team projects. 

Whats New 

This stop is only for you know what changes made the development team who works in Task Blast application for improve and make it better for you. 

Subscription The subscription section shows the information about your subscription.

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