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Smart Commits

To use Smart Commits, you should have integrated your project with GitHub or BitBucket first, by using the Source Control connectivity on the project’s Sidebar.

Smart Commits lets you automatically link a commit or checkin from GitHub or BitBucket to a task in TaskBlast, just by formatting your commit like this on those tools:

TB-187 #comment fixed kanban bug #move laneName

It must first start with the TaskBlast task identification, in this case TB-187.

Then if you want to add a comment to the task add #comment followed by the comment you want to leave.

Finally, if you want to move the task to another sub-lane, for example “ready for testing” then add #move followed by the sub-lane name. 

If there are multiple sub-lanes with the same name you can be more specific and add the lane and sub-lane for example laneName::sublane or Completed::ReadyForTesting

As we can see in this real example, the commit shows up and also the comment is added automatically also.

You can then click on a commit to be brought to that commit in GitHub or BitBucket.

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