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Kanban Options

1 – Search for a Task

2 – Hide/Show Quick Task Option

3 – Toggle Between Compact and Full Card 

4 – Copy Project Email to Clipboard

5 – Download Clipboard Tool

6 – Add Users to the Project

Search for a task

Searching a task will return all tasks where the description or title contain that keyword. It uses fuzzy logic so searching for “team” will return steam and teamwork.

Hide/Show Quick Task Option

Quick task allows you to create a card quickly by just typing the title name. After that, you can add additional information but it is very useful if you just want to quickly create tasks. You can also create tasks in the full editor view if you want to add more details such as images, comments, subtasks etc.

The quick task icon lets you hide or show this option depending on your preference.

Toggle Between Compact and Full Card

If you want to make the most of your vertical height you can choose to view the cards in a  compact mode. This toggle allows you to switch between either mode.

Copy Project  Email to Clipboard

Each project is assigned a unique TaskBlast email. When you send an email to a project it is converted to a card and shown in the blasts lane on that project. This can save valuable time transferring conversations and files from email to the project manually. 

It can also be useful if you are dealing with a client. In that case cc the project email on the conversation will available to anyone in the project keep all the collaboration in one place.

Download Clipboard Tool

The clipboard tool is a desktop tool that reads data from your clipboard. You can then quickly send copied text or images from any application on your PC to a project. Like emails this is converted to a card and will be displayed in the blasts lane.

If you often find action items in conversations you are having on Slack, Skype or other communication tools are slipping through the cracks then this could be the tool for you. Just copy the segment of text to the clipboard and then use a hotkey to send it to the project of your choice.

Add Users to the Project

Select one or more users to add them to a project. Once added they will see the project immediately in their project list and you will be able to assign tasks to them.

Please note that you must add a user to the company first, before they appear in this drop-down. An admin will need to do this by going to Settings > User and they can send an invite to the user. Once they signup, they will then be available in this drop-down to add to a project. The admin can also assign them to one or more projects when inviting them.

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