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Gantt View

The Gantt View is seamlessly integrated, ensuring any changes made on the Kanban are instantly


TaskBlast offer you a settings options for make changes when you want. We give three

Schedule View

The Schedule view has the same consistent Kanban format with the main difference, the lanes

Releases View (beta)

The releases view helps manage the release process. Linking Kanban sublanes to Releases lanes There

Creating a card or task

There are two ways to create a card. The first is a quick task which

Time Tracking Tab

The Time Tracking Tab (located on the Sidebar of the Project Taskboard) only shows tasks

Sprint Progress – Stats

The sprint progress view helps identify the expected hours and likely finish date of the

Source Control Tab

This article uses Bitbucket in the example but the process is very similar with Github. Once configured, you

Smart Commits

To use Smart Commits, you should have integrated your project with GitHub or BitBucket first, by using the Source

Managing Milestones & Sprints

Milestones can contain one or more sprints and you can have as many milestones and