Did You Know?

We help make Project Management simple

Global Time Tracker Tool

The Global Time Tracker Tool helps you record and report real time spent on a

Comments and Comments Integration

The Comments section on the Project Sidebar, helps you communicate with the team on a

Kanban Filters

1 – Filter By Sprint 2 – Filter By User 3 – Filter By Date

Send Task to external calendar

From TaskBlast, you can send any Task to an external calendar (for example, Outlook calendar, Google

Lanes and Sublanes

1 – Collapse Lane 2 – Lane options 3 – Lane Totals 4 – Sublane Totals

Kanban Options

1 – Search for a Task 2 – Hide/Show Quick Task Option 3 – Toggle

Kanban Cards

Kanban Cards can be tasks, features, bugs or issues. Each card displays key information on

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